Digital support
for every personnel office.

Personnel administration is still one of the areas in which digitalisation has not really arrived. We are putting an end to this today: Thanks to aipama and the digital personnel file.

All data at a glance.

Managing employees, personal data and personnel documents is time-consuming and takes up a lot of capacity in HR offices. Aipama offers the perfect relief in everyday working life and provides all important information in one central location - digitally, simply and securely.

Payroll accounting made easy.

With, you can handle preparatory payroll accounting easily, securely and workflow-guided. The platform offers a user-friendly solution that allows you to prepare payroll accounting in an uncomplicated manner. The focus is on the security of your data and a structured workflow to ensure efficient and reliable processing

Wage documents at a glance

With, you can view payslips easily, compare them quickly and automatically and find them effortlessly. Thanks to the intuitive navigation, you can quickly find the information you need and, if necessary, scroll quickly and easily between different payslips. This means you always have an overview and can ensure that everything is correct and clearly organised

Communication: Efficient & secure

With our efficient communication with the payroll office, you can conveniently record all processes online. The exchange of messages and documents with the payroll office takes place smoothly and securely via our platform. This centralised solution means you avoid unnecessary emails and have everything important in one place. This simplifies and optimises collaboration with the payroll office while ensuring the security of your data.

Distribute documents to employees: Automatic & simple allows you to easily distribute documents such as payslips, certificates and notifications to your employees. This can be done either automatically or manually, depending on your preferences and requirements. Distribution is digital, which saves time and paper and protects the environment. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the process is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing you to send documents efficiently and securely to the right recipients.

aipama and Personio: The perfect symbiosis for your HR management

aipama and Personio work seamlessly together to complement and strengthen your HR administration. Changes made in Personio can easily be transferred to, ensuring efficient data consistency. At the same time, makes it quick and easy to make documents available on the platform in Personio. This allows you to perform HR tasks effectively with Personio, while preparatory payroll accounting and communication are handled effortlessly via This integration ensures seamless and smooth HR administration and simplifies your day-to-day work.

Simple payroll accounting via smartphone with aipama!

Do you already do most of your work conveniently on your smartphone? Why not do your payroll accounting on your smartphone and communicate with your payroll office? With aipama, it's child's play - simple, secure and reliable.

Additional modules and interfaces - countless possibilities.

When you work with aipama as a company, you benefit from numerous advantages and simplify the daily processes in your HR department. If you have further requirements, you can customise aipama with additional modules to meet your exact needs. Thanks to a wide range of interfaces for connecting to external systems such as time recording or ERP, you get a comprehensive overall solution for all areas of the company.

Immediate messages

Create your instant notifications easily with aipama. At any time, uncomplicated, favourable and flexible.

A1 Messages

With aipama, you can easily submit A1 notifications for your employees yourself online. At any time, without additional registration.

Digitise your HR office today!