Now your
Digital personnel file.

Finally, an end to paperwork - because aipama offers you the digital storage solution for all your personnel and payroll documents.

Your digital document file - available at any time.

With aipama, you can keep all your documents in your personal, digital document file. You can simply take your account with you if you change employer, as your account is not tied to a company - neither your employer nor the aipama administration have access to your data.

coming soon: Simply send information to your employer.

After the job confirmation is before the bureaucracy, because a lot of data has to be made available to your employer. With aipama, this is now very easy - and it's just as simple with digital time recording and payslips, which your employer can now also make available to you directly in the portal.

You have
your data always under control.

The digital personnel file gives you access to your most important documents anytime, anywhere. 

Get started now with aipama and your digital document file!