aipama assistent - the ultimate solution for optimising your payroll accounting!

With our innovative system, you can relieve your payroll accountants, increase productivity and raise the quality of your payroll accounting to a new level. Find out more about the many possibilities of aipama assistent now!

Relieve payroll accountants

Imagine if your payroll accountants could free themselves from tedious, recurring tasks. With aipama assistent, this is exactly what is possible! By automating routine tasks such as checking payrolls, preparing information or multiple company payrolls, our assistant relieves your payroll accountants enormously. This frees up valuable time for more demanding and strategic tasks to make your company even more successful.

Increase productivity

Efficiency is the key to success. aipama assistent enables you to significantly increase your productivity. Thanks to automated workflows, tasks are completed up to 90 % faster. Call-offs and billing can be carried out for several companies at the same time, reports and analyses are generated in the shortest possible time. This means more work done in less time, leaving your employees free to focus on more important tasks.

Increase billing quality

Precision and accuracy are crucial in payroll accounting. aipama assistant helps you to significantly improve payroll quality. With the option of setting up a centralised internal control system (ICS), our assistant collects all relevant information and makes it easy to create reports and analyses. Potential sources of error are identified and monitored, resulting in accurate and reliable payroll accounting. This strengthens the confidence of your employees and minimises rework.

All processes at a glance

The "Record transactions" product in enables the recording of all transactions for ongoing payroll accounting, including master data changes, transaction data, wage types, absences and documents. External files from time recording and HR programmes can be easily transferred, and the responsible payroll accountant receives all recorded processes collected on one page in aipama.assistent so that they can be processed efficiently. If necessary, questions can be asked and answered directly to the customer via the integrated chat system.

Manage and send documents

The aipama.assistant automatically searches through your payroll documents, assigns keywords to them and saves them in the appropriate categories for the customer. The assistant can also check the documents for completeness and errors according to defined rules. You can easily search, find, send, forward and download the documents and make them easily accessible to customers or auditors by uploading them to

Optimise your appointment management

With aipama.assistent, you can keep track of your deadlines for payroll accounting, health insurance contributions and income tax. The responsible payroll accountant can see all the deadlines that affect them and their customers at a glance. Team leaders can easily check that deadlines are met, while you can also view the status of completed contribution estimates, statements and payslips. Don't miss any more important deadlines and optimise your deadline management with aipama.assistent!

Many other features for your payroll office

All customer information relating to payroll accounting and the associated activities is collected in aipama.assistent. All customer information is available at the click of a button and individual customer requirements can be recorded. This enables customised support and strengthens customer loyalty through additional offers.

With, your customers receive a secure, easy-to-use portal with which they can set up a digital personnel file with little effort, for example.

The aipama.assistent enables you to organise your teams efficiently and to centrally manage and monitor your customers' payroll accounting deadlines, making collaboration easier.

Communication with customers is simpler and more secure thanks to the connection with The amount of e-mails is significantly reduced as customers can carry out preparatory payroll accounting via All relevant information for monthly payroll accounting is available in one central location and can be transmitted securely.

In addition, enables the secure provision of documents and information via the platform. Documents can also be easily and securely transmitted to employees. The Aipama platform thus offers a reliable solution for the secure provision and transmission of important documents and information.

The aipama.assistent offers many other options and features, including

  • Manage your own employees
  • Own duty roster including holiday planning and approval
  • Manage companies
  • Manage employees (AN)
  • File archive
  • Workflow in billing
  • Billing list
  • Monthly billing with
  • AuA-Check (automatic check of the documents created)
  • Billing control
  • Multi-company billing
  • Preparatory billing (invoicing)
  • Manage contracts
  • Manage prices and create price lists
  • Manage consultants
  • Prepare tax audits with one click
  • Create customised evaluations
  • Detailed customer overview and customised information